Joining Nimbus Testnet0

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This document is a very short guide on how to join our testnet. For a full explanation of what’s going on behind the scenes, please see the official announcement post.

Joining Nimbus Testnet 0

Here is the full process if you’re starting from scratch, without even Nim installed (you still need RocksDB though, so install that first):

# Ensure you have rocksdb installed before running this!
git clone
cd nimbus
make update # this might take a few minutes
cd vendor/nim-beacon-chain # All Ethereum 2.0 functionality is in here
make testnet0
./build/testnet0_node # this launches the testnet0-specific node you just built

Here is the full process if you’ve already run testnet0 before but might be stuck with old source code or old, incompatible cache.

cd nimbus
make update # update dependencies
cd vendor/nim-beacon-chain
make clean-testnet0 testnet0 # clean cache and rebuild binary
./build/testnet0_node # this launches the testnet0-specific node you just built

Congratulations, you should now be joining us - your node will start syncing with the current state of our beacon chain. Once you’re in sync, you should also start proposing your own blocks and providing attestations - exciting! You are now among Ethereum 2.0 Nimbus pioneers!