Team and Etymology

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In addition to a dedicated Nimbus team, Status as an organization will support development through our expertise in smart contracts, Ethereum and mobile development, and marketing and user experience research.

Eugene Kabanov

Eugene has deep background and interest in systems programming, reverse engineering, development of high-load and high-performance networking services, and information security. He joined Nim community 3 years ago and has contributed to Nim networking, threading, and multiprocessing.

Jacek Sieka

With a keen interest and background in peer-to-peer applications and compilers, Jacek joined Status as Head of Research, coming most recently from the high-frequency trading world. Fun hobby projects from the past include DC++ (a file sharing app), nlvm (an llvm-based Nim compiler) and more!

Mamy Ratsimbazafy

Mamy joined Status as a Nim developer in the research team. After a career in leading American and French banks and non-profits, he decided that tech, blockchain and AI will eat the world. On the side, instead of mining he is teaching deep learning tricks to his GPU.

Yuriy Glukhov

Yuriy has deep passion for new technologies and keen interest in many areas of IT. He was one of the first CTOs to successfully use Nim in a commercial project.

Zahary Karadjov

Zahary is member of the core compiler team of the Nim programming language. He joined the project 5 years ago, hoping that one day Nim will surpass C++ in usage and popularity. His career started as a game engine developer, where he learned how to push the modern hardware to its limits, but eventually he went on to become the CTO of a company shipping an IoT device, a SaaS platform for web publishers and even a defunct Chromium fork.

Dustin Brody

Dustin is the team’s Pure Quickwitted Indianglassfish.

Bruno Skvorc

Bruno is the technical writer and team’s DX guy. He’s been in blockchain for 3 years after 15 years of web. His passion for decentralization and forwarding the world’s truly censorship-free internet is what drove him to Nimbus. What little free time he has, he tries to spend on sports, board games and VR. You can add him on Oculus and Steam as theswader.

Ștefan Talpalaru

Ștefan comes from a decade of professional web development and a decade and a half of amateur free software contributions in a wide range of domains and programming languages. His claim to fame in the Nim world is the grafting of a Go runtime to the Nim compiler by way of the pluggable garbage collector API.


Nimbus is a reference to:

  • A different kind of “dark cloud” computing
  • Spiritual symbolism of sanctity and holiness
  • Nim, the language it will be written in
  • A Bus in computing architecture